bluetooth TPMS for motorcycle and motor tricycle and car on iOS android APP displaying tire pressure and temeprature and TPMS alert


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This bluetooth TPMS can be used in motorcycle, motor tricycle, car with the bluetooth communication between TPMS sensors and your mobile phones. Users can easily acquire the tires Data from TPMS app.


  • Easy installation on motorcycle, motor tricycle and cars
  • instant voice alert for tire pressure or temperature alert
  • Bluetooth connection between sensors and cellphone
  • iOS and android APP support
  • waterproof and anti-corrosion, anti-theft, heat resistant


chip:                                                ARM MO
working voltage:                              3V
working current:                              100μA
sleep current:                                   100μA
bluetooth frequency:                        2.4GHz
bluetooth emmision power:              0dB Max
response time:                                 ≤5s
display mode:                                   APP on iOS or android
waterproof:                                       IP67
tire pressure accuracy:                      ±10kPa
tire pressure range:                           0 - 6bar / 0 - 87psi
tire temperature accuracy:                ±3°C
working temperature:                       -30°C to +80°C
storage temperature:                        -30°C to +85°C
battery capacity:                               140mAh
baterry life:                                       2 to 3 years
sensor N.W.:                                     10g
G.W. for whole device with packing:  800g


TPMS sensor: 4pcs;
assemble tool: 1pcs;
anti-theft nuts: 4pcs;

Operation of TPMS APP:

  • Use your mobile phone to scan the QR code on the packaging box to download and install the app
  • When you open the app, you will be prompted whether the mobile phone device has Bluetooth enabled. If not, you can choose to open it (you must turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone), and the main interface will appear. The first interface you enter is the four-wheel car mode. If you slide the mobile phone interface to the left, you can adjust to the three wheeled motorcycle, two wheeled motorcycle:


  • Click the menu bar in the upper left corner to open the corresponding menu and select bind new device:


  • Bind the new device interface directly, select "auto bind" and then install the bound sensor

  • After automatic binding is selected, the following interface will appear. We directly click "please bind device" in the corresponding tire position in the countdown (tire sensor is installed within 60s of countdown), and the corresponding sensor code will be matched to indicate that the binding is completed.


  • After completing the above operation, the sensor operation binding has been completed successfully. Press the return key in the upper left corner for three times to exit the main interface to query the current tire pressure display


Equipment installation instructions

1Sensor components

  • Tire location map for sensor installation
  • Installation method of external sensor



• The android APP is temporarily downloaded from other store, not google play. Kindly note it.
• APP supports Chinese and English language. Users can changes language in settings.

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