gps tracker motorcycle mini size IP67 waterproof 4G LTE engine state immobilizer fuel monitoring for motorcycle car 9V to 50V input


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The motorcycle GPS tracker AT04-4G is designed for any types of motorcycles and cars which has Built-in GPS antenna and 4G antenna and IP67 plastic casing. And easy installation, basic tracking requirement, robust tracking function. It suits any vehicles conditions whatever it's extremly cold or over heating. With this compact sized GPS tracker in your motorcycle or car, you can easily track your assets. Even you have higher demands that you want to immobilize vehicle or want to track the fuel level, this mini gps tracker can realize your needs.

motorcycle GPS Tracker features


● Free web based gps tracking software Platform
● 2G and 4G network
● DC9V - 50V external power supply
● 3D tremble sensor detecting movement and stop
● Standard Size Sim
● 2Mb storage for 16000 data
● Micro USB to serial port
● SMS alarm center
● Remote oil cut off
● IP67 Waterproof
● one analog input for fuel level monitoring
● Smart data transmission
   different data interval by engine on | different data interval by engine off
   send data by distance
   send data by angle change
   alarm data sent immediately

Where can this gps tracking device be used?
motorcyles |  cars | trucks

● GSM: Quad-band: GSM850 / E-GSM900 / DCS1800 / PCS1900
   4G: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20/B28
● SMS, GPRS TCP / UDP communications
● Track by cell phone or web based tracking software
● GPS antenna and GSM antenna built in
● one digital input positive, two digital output
● constant time info even no gps signal again or device reboot

 Operating temperature:     -20 °C to 60 °C
 Battery Temperature:         charge: 0 °C to 45 °CBattery
                                          discharge: -20 °C to 60 °C
                                          Storage: -20 °C to 60 °C
 Humidity:                          5% to 95% Non-condesing

Electrical Specification
   Power supply range:        DC 9V-50V
 Maximum current:             idle: 25mA @ 12V
                                          sleep: not support
                                          deep sleep: not support
                                          sending data: 50mA @ 12V
 Network Connectivity:       2G | 4G  B1/B3/B8/B28 @ LTE FDD, B1/B8 @ WCDMA(Europe, Middel East, Africa)
                                          B2/B4/B12/B113/B25/B26@LTE FDD, B2/B4/B5@WCDMA(North America)

 GNSS module:                  1575.42Mhz (GPS)
   Acquisition sensitivity:     -148dBm
   Tracking sensitivity:         -162dBm
   Reacquisition sensitivity: -160dBm
   CEP:                                2.5m


Tracking Software Platform
gps tracking software platform


gps tracking software platform


gps tracking software platform

gps tracking software platform

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